Chantal Wilford

for School Board of Manatee County

I aim to offer a new, positive and balanced perspective to the School Board of Manatee County for District 5. As a trained teacher and a mother of four children who have both homeschooled and enjoyed public education in Manatee County, education in some form or another has been a focus of my life for many years. I have a vested interest in doing my part to help ensure the provision of exceptional educational and extracurricular opportunities and supports for students at all levels in Manatee County.

It is my highest priority to help ensure safe and high-quality public education for ALL students and to support the professionals who provide that education. We must attract and retain qualified education professionals to meet the needs of the students in our community.


I will work to support both the academic growth and the emotional and mental well-being of each and every student, equipping them with the skills they need to succeed as caring and responsible members of society.


I will listen to parent, teacher and community concerns and work toward collaborative solutions and effective board processes.


I will encourage the continued transparency of educational materials, financial oversight and board decision-making processes while working to improve public communication and understanding.

My Priority

My top priority is always: What is in the best interest of the students?

My singular focus is education and I have no other political aspirations. I put our students and teachers first and will endeavor to always listen with empathy to them and to the concerns of our community. I will do my best to ask the right questions, deliver ideas and solutions, and partner with community members to help ALL of our children reach their highest potential.

We should celebrate the excellence of our schools, students and staff! We should also continue to explore where and how we can improve upon our achievements. I would like our district to expand engaging and dynamic programs to increase literacy, including more play-based initiatives in K-2. Let’s increase productive instructional time by reducing time spent on benchmarks, assessments and test prep at all levels, and explore how we can increase our graduation rates.

As a teacher, I trained to be attentive to student needs, flexible in my approach, and supportive of the individual as a human being.

As a birth doula, I trained to listen to people and their concerns, questions, hopes and fears during a major life event. I meet them where they are on their journey, support their needs and build relationships with people from all walks of life.

I now have an opportunity to pivot my skills, time and energy toward public education and I’m excited to do so.

I will always put students and teachers first!

Let’s work together to keep
Manatee County students on track for success!